Batman's Luxury Suites in Had Nes
338 Kinor David st. Had Nes, ISRAEL
Health declaration form and implementation of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding the virus Corona 2020
Dear guest,
In light of the spread of the corona virus and following the guidance of the Ministry of Health and the new policy, we are working To maintain the health of all our guests. You are therefore required to complete and sign this statement before entering. This statement is for you and all the guests in this guest booking:
Please mark "Yes" / "No" in the space provided:
A) Have you or any of the guests returned from abroad during the last 14 days?
B) Are any of your household members in home isolation?
C) Have you been exposed or any of the guests to someone suspected of being blue or carrying a corona?
D) Do you know you or any of the guests are in solitary confinement?
E) Are you or any of the guests currently suffering from fever / cough / shortness of breath?
• I declare that today I conducted a test to measure my body temperature and the temperature of all the guests in that order, in which it was determined that the temperature of my body and all the guests did not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius.
• I declare that I do not cough or have difficulty breathing.
• I hereby confirm that the data I have provided is correct and fully reflects my health.
• I am aware that omission of information and incorrect statement is a violation of the law and may result in penalties written in the law.
If the guests at Batman's Luxury Suites are ill in Corona and not a statement of truth in the health form - all the disinfection expenses of Batman's Luxury Suites and its closure for 10 days will apply to the customer

Thank you for booking at Bratman's suites.
We hope you will enjoy your stay.
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